3PCS Wheel Rims
18 inch Wheel
3pcs wheel rims consist of inner rim, outer rim and disk parts. There are three types of assembling methods of 3pcs wheel rims, which are sandwich type, over hand type and under hand type. The merit of 3pcs wheel rims is suitable for many kinds of cars because 3pcs wheel rims are alterative of their width. They also have refined design and very light weight compared to other products.
  • 3pcs wheel rims for automotive car tunning
  • 3pcs wheel rims consist of inner rims, outer rims and A5052 or A6061-T6
  • We have 18inch, 19inch, 20inch, 21inch, 22inch, 24inch, 26inch
  • seven types of 3pcs wheel rims with all different sizes
  • Double rolled lip for excellent durability and ease of tire mounting.
  • Center disc of 3pcs wheel rims can be forged according to customer's design.