3PCS Wheel Rims
19inch Rim
TO1915 19 x 1.5 OUTER
TO1920 19 x 2.0 OUTER
TO1925 19 x 2.5 OUTER
TO1930 19 x 3.0 OUTER
TO1935 19 x 3.5 OUTER
TO1940 19 x 4.0 OUTER
TO1945 19 x 4.5 OUTER
TO1950 19 x 5.0 OUTER
TO1960 19 x 6.0 OUTER
TI1950 19 x 5.0 INNER REVERSE
TI1955 19 x 5.5 INNER REVERSE
TI1960 19 x 6.0 INNER REVERSE
TI1965 19 x 6.5 INNER REVERSE
TI1970 19 x 7.0 INNER REVERSE
TI1975 19 x 7.5 INNER REVERSE
TI1980 19 x 8.0 INNER REVERSE
TI1985 19 x 8.5 INNER REVERSE
Aluminum rims are great ways to customize your vehicle with your personality and style. The rim of a wheel is designed with metal and has outer circular design. The rim is inside edge of the tire that is mounted on automobiles. Also it supports the tire shape and is a factor of designing characteristics of an automobile. There are three types of rims which are 1pcs wheel rims, 2pcs wheel rims and 3pcs wheel rims with all different inch and size. Tae Chang has 2pcs wheel rims and 3pcs wheel rims. These two wheel rims also have many inch types of rims such as 18 inch rims, 19 inch rims, 20 inch rims and 21 inch rims, etc. 2pcs wheels of 19 inch rims have 2 different size types. 3pcs wheels of 19 inch rims have 17 different size types including 9 outer and 8 inner reverse 19 inch rims.