Aluminum Racing Wheels
15inch Rim
15inch Beadicok Wheel
15inch Non-Beadicok Wheel
Tae Chang's aluminum beadlock wheels are equipments protecting the bead of a tire to the wheel. When the tire is totally filled with air, the tire pressure pushes the bead of the tire against the wheel rim then, the tire remains without a problem on the wheel, and the tire and the wheel turn together. When aluminum beadlock wheels are necessary? In what case, they are applied to? Aluminum beadlock wheels are needed when tire pressure is not sufficient enough to hold the bead of the tire. For vehicles that have four wheels, aluminum beadlock wheels and a ring with bolts around the circumference are needed together to fix the wheel and the tire. Aluminum beadlock wheels are very important when you consider exchanging your wheels of vehicle. Tae Chang will help you with our great Aluminum beadlock wheels!