Aluminum Racing Wheels
Go-Kart Wheel
5×5×2.5 5" Regular   6/63.50 2.5+2.5
5×5×3   6/63.50 3+2
5×5.5×2.5   6/63.50 2.5+3
5×5.5×3   6/63.50 3+2.5
5×6×2.5   6/63.50 2.5+3.5
5×6×3   6/63.50 3+3
5×6.5×2.5   6/63.50 2.5+4
An aluminum racing wheel is one of types of wheels for vehicles that have the purpose of racing. Tae Chang's aluminum racing wheel is produced from the finest materials with our skilled technician and put our effort on producing a great aluminum racing wheel to offer you a competitive advantage. Check our features of a aluminum racing wheel
  • Aluminum racing wheel : 5inch, 6inch, 10inch, 15inch
  • Four types of aluminum racing wheel with all different sizes
  • Our aluminum racing wheel is ultimate for racing!
  • Very light, strong and great design
  • Double rolled lip for excellent durability and ease of tire mounting.
  • Great opportunities to maximize the performance of your racing with Tae Chang’s aluminum racing wheel