Aluminum Racing Wheels
Go-Kart Wheel
6×6×4 6" Regular   6/63.50 4+2
6×8×3   6/63.50 3+5
6×8×4   6/63.50 4+4
6×8.5×3   6/63.50 3+5.5
6×8.5×4   6/63.50 4+4.5
Gokart wheels are one of type of wheels for small motor vehicles with four wheels, used for racing. A gokart, small vehicle, is designed to be driven by one or two people. Therefore gokart wheels are designed smaller than other kinds of wheels such as aluminum ATV wheels, aluminum racing wheel and aluminum micro wheels, etc. Using Ta Chang's gokart wheels is great chances because our gokart wheels have these specific strengths
  • Gokart wheels : 5inch, 6inch
  • two types of gokart wheels with all different sizes
  • Ultimate for racing!
  • Very light, strong, great design and best run-out of gokart wheels
  • Designed for golf carts, mini-choppers and go kart vehicles. Great opportunities to maximize the performance of your gokart racing with Tae Chang's gokart wheels